Baw Baw Shire Community Development Grants

The Community Development Grants Program will provide funding to assist community groups of Baw Baw Shire to develop events, programs and facilities that reflect the community’s needs. Click on the section below to view more detail.

What type of project might be funded?

The four categories for funding are:

Special Events - Maximum $3,000 Support to conduct festivals, community events, sporting, cultural, major events and other similar community events of significance.

Community Programs - Maximum $5,000 Support for activities and equipment of a sporting, cultural, community service or developmental nature. Examples include community support activities, sports development programs, minor equipment purchases, programs for disadvantaged groups etc.

Minor Capital Works - Minimum $2,000 - Maximum $20,000 For repairs or renovations (including disability access and environmental projects) to buildings, clubrooms, sporting and other community facilities and playgrounds in consultation with Baw Baw Shire Council

Environment Programs - Maximum $2,000 Support for activities and equipment that will enhance a community group’s capacity to run or promote programs with a direct benefit to the environment. Examples include: tree planting equipment, water quality testing equipment, environmental newsletters etc. (Plants or tree guards can be funded under the Rural Environment Tree Planting Program).

Who can apply?

Funding will only be considered for properly constituted non-profit clubs and organisations within the Baw Baw Shire that meet the Community Development Grant program funding criteria.

To be eligible for a grant your organisation must have completed the acquittal process for any previous Baw Baw Shire Grants.

What will NOT be funded?

  • Applications that have not met the application timelines for submission.
  • Requests for retrospective funding, i.e. where projects have started or have been completed prior to funding approval.
  • Equipment, events or activities for the purpose of raising funds for charitable donations.
  • Areas within a facility designed for gaming machines or primarily for the sale of alcohol.
  • The construction of facilities where little or no public access is available or encouraged, or programs or activities not designed to attract or appeal to the broader community.
  • General administrative costs of organisations.
  • Applications that are the clear responsibility of State or Commonwealth Department or other Baw Baw Shire Programs.
  • Applications from individuals or businesses.
  • Applications from organisations other than ‘not for profit’.

What is the application process?

Those intending to submit a funding application are encouraged to attend the Community Development Grants launch and funding workshops held between March and May.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their project ideas with Council representatives at the funding workshops before completing a funding application.

The Community Development Grants Program is a two-step process.

Step One: Funding Application – Community groups to complete a funding application form, using the Community Development Grants Guidelines. Apply on the web now by clicking the “Apply Online” button below. or applications can be
Delivered to: Customer Service Centres at Drouin, Trafalgar or Warragul OR
Mailed to:   Community Development Grants
Baw Baw Shire Council
PO Box 304
Warragul 3820
Step Two: Council Officers will initially assess the applications and advise the applicant if there is any missing or additional information required.
Please note: Additional information must be provided within the timelines for the application to be assessed.

Applicants will then receive a confirmation letter of receipt of their application.

To apply over the web please click here to view the options available along with the requirements prior to commencing the application.

How will Community Development Grants be assessed?

A Grant Assessment Panel made up of Council staff with relevant expertise for each of the four categories has been formed to oversee the assessment process.

Please ensure all questions are answered and that they meet the funding conditions, and all supporting documentation is attached. Applications will then be scored by the assessment panel against the specific funding criteria and an overall total score will be allocated to each funding application. The applications within each category are listed in score order. The amounts of funding requested will determine the number of applications that can be funded within a particular category.

To be considered for funding, applications will be scored and assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Generally reflect Council’s strategies as outlined in the Council Plan.
  • Community involvement and benefit and what your project will achieve.
  • Why is this project/event a priority for your community.
  • Address project delivery and risk management issues, are there any environmental benefits, is disability access addressed and how will the success of the project/event be determined.
  • Who is involved and who in the community will participate.
  • Financial and/or in-kind contribution of the organisation.

Other things the assessment panel will consider include:

  • Are the Community Development Grants the best option?
  • Organisation funding history – whether the organisation has received funding previously and whether an acquittal report for previous funding has been completed and submitted.

What are the funding conditions?

  • An Australian Business Number (ABN) is essential and can be obtained from the Australian Tax Office (enquire by telephone: 13 28 66 or at
  • The ABN must be provided on application or the application will be automatically returned/rejected.
  • Project proposals should be supported by the land and/or building owners, committees of management, local council planning authorities and Baw Baw Shire Council, if applicable.
  • The organisation submitting the application for funding will be expected to show a significant contribution, either in cash or in-kind (labour or materials etc.).
  • Funds must be spent on the project as described in the funding application and be spent within 12 months of the funding becoming available.
  • A request to vary the funding program must be submitted to Council in writing for approval.
  • Successful organisations that receive grants in excess of $10,000 may be required to enter into a Funding Agreement outlining the requirements of the grant prior to the commencement of the project.
  • Successful applicants will be required to complete all reports on the project, including a funding acquittal, within thirty (30) days of agreed completion date.
  • Where appropriate, Baw Baw Shire Council will be acknowledged for their role in supporting the project. This may include media releases, event flyers and boards, and signage at facilities that have been upgraded.
  • Council may impose other special conditions on any successful applications.
  • ALL relevant permits, approvals and insurance requirements must be obtained as part of the project and is the responsibility of the applicant. Council may require evidence of these before the grant is issued.

More information?

For more information or assistance with your proposal, please telephone the Community Building Officer on 5624 2411 during office hours.

Further information and assistance in completing the funding application form will be available at the funding workshops. Each workshop will cover specific areas of the funding application such as project budgets, risk management, project management, event management as well as guidance in how to complete the funding application forms.

Important dates for Community Development Grants?

March Community Development Grants Launch and Workshop 1
April Community Development Grants Workshop 2
May Community Development Grants Workshop 3
31 May Applications close
June Initial assessment and request for additional information
July/August Final assessment of funding applications
September Council to consider applications for grants
Late September Presentation ceremony held for all successful applicants at Baw Baw Shire Council offices

Where to get forms and apply?

A Community Development Grants Application Pack, including Guidelines and Application Form, is available to download from the Baw Baw Shire website at

Application forms are also available from the Customer Service Centres at Drouin, Trafalgar and Warragul.

An application form can be mailed out upon request by telephoning the Community Building Officer on 5624 2411.

To apply over the web please click here to view the options available along with the requirements prior to commencing the application.